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Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
Sorry, but having loved ones work customer service the least plausible part of that reality is the, "Many bosses were decent enough that their underlings are quite happy working for them." part. That alone would result in a very different America than the one we've had for the past few decades if not longer.
Fair point. I nonetheless imagine that inertia (chronotemporal and simply social) would allow us to retain such concepts as corporations, cities, oligarchic democracies, etc. At least for a little while. For instance, the President of the United States is Alaska citizen Joe "Hamhock," no last name known, who defeated Bill Clinton in 1997 and all comers since. Despite his unconventional executive style, only a few of his more overt proposals have been enacted, and he faces an uncooperative congress.

As for businesses, sure you might hate your boss, but are you willing to fight him to the death for the pleasure of a small promotion? I think only ten percent of bosses are only alive because it's socially unpopular to kill them.
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