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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
I like this one, but it *is* a Hell world. The immediate effects include stuff like mass death from starvation (or thirst, the pipes are cut, and if there are any adjacent blocks that are lower, your water table is draining out, so even if you have wells....) on most blocks, and lakes pouring over edges cut through the middle of them, unless they also get mysteriously indestructible walls. Long term effects include mass starvation even on the lucky blocks, because the crops don't grow in the new climate and rainfall patterns, and those lower level blocks getting flooded anyway even if nothing comes over or through the edges (by rainfall, for lack of drainage outflow). It'd be a pretty interesting adventure setting a century after the Apocalyspe though.
Shuffling two square kilometer sized units sounds FAR to tiny to do anything but kill nearly everything on earth. Far worse than the KT extinction, nearing the Permian, but certainly not nearly as bad as the great oxygen disaster.
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