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Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
No they aren't. They are in the process of total economic collapse with looming extinction. Indistinguishable duplicates of existing people with no new births means your population is getting older.
Edit: If you are willing to have the duplicates appear as infants, you can pretty much completely adapt with some sort of universal adoption service, but then you lose most of the features of "duplicates" - your much younger twins aren't really that much like you.
I guess that's what I meant by "adapted, but still dealing with the long-term consequences." My point was that people aren't surprised anymore when they wake up next to themselves, and some kind of approach has been made to deal with the legal implications, even though the long-term problem with aging has yet to be dealt with.

To avoid the extinction problem, perhaps fertility has decreased by 50% and duplicates make up the remainder. Or, perhaps, aging has stopped, which would be its own major change. In fact....

In 1804, aging and reproduction both stopped working. Later surveys would peg the population at very close to, if not exactly, one thousand million. It seems that whenever someone is slain (people are mortal as ever, just unaging after the age of about 25), a child may be concieved to replace them, but never more than one billion people are allowed on the planet.

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