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Default Re: Options for GURPS Banestorm - 11 years later

I'd honestly love to see a Dungeon Fantasy adaptation guide for Banestorm. Tips on how to adapt the setting into a dungeon-punk world; adapting the Adventuring Professions to Ytarria (especially the divine classes*); appropriate dungeons for the setting, etc.

*And there's a perfect method of justifying Divine Favor, already in GURPS Banestorm: Mysticism. Just restrict it to individuals with the Divine Favor advantage instead of True Faith. Leave the origins of such powers completely unexplained, though with hints from Elves and Dwarves about "The Touch of the Eternal", and unrelated to Arcane Magic.

Another thing I'd like to see is changing the rules for Magic and Mana Levels into something less absolute and punishing. Thanks to GURPS Thaumatology we have new options. Instead of being a No Mana area, the Great Desert is a Very Low Mana region with pockets of Low and No Mana (or maybe drop No Mana entirely, as that's just boring for Mages). Perhaps Caithness is a region full of pockets of Wild Mana littered across the Low Mana region; so Megalan Wizards are less bothered by how harder it is to cast magic there, then the risk of unpredictable magical effects.
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