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Default Re: Actual Impaling Question

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Do the rules distinguish between single-prone (like a spear or lance) weapons and multi-prong (say a military fork or a trident) thrusting/impalement weapons in terms of which would more realistically go all the way through?

Single-prong should usually be the only ones that do it. The connecting base of forks/tridents would push up against the chest and halt the thrust.

Although the ends of these tend to be pretty long in respect to humans so this might only come up with giants or with tiny tridents wielded by gnomes.
I don't think the rules do, but I would. I think I'd just rule that 3x the points means 3x the over penetration threshold.

but if you really get me thinking about that I might well increase DR as well as three prongs have to get pierce any armour in three places as well (EDIT: actually that's what the AD0.5 is about looking at the listing so never mind!)

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