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Default Re: Cars Wars 6E - What We Know - 1st Post will be updated over time

Originally Posted by PresidentTwoeagles View Post
How many dice will be in the 2-player game? Will there be more in the 4-player?
The same number of dice in each of the three sets. The game, as designed, doesn't require rolling more dice at once than appear in the box. The faction sets -- well, some of them -- include more dice where necessary. Faster cars, for example, need more dice, so we include dice in sets with more powerful plants.

Originally Posted by PresidentTwoeagles View Post
Will the maneuvering sticks be like the protractor thing in the play tests? That was very clever and I think a lot better then a stick-per-maneuver that Scott showed a long time ago. Is weapon range a factor? Will there be a ruler like X-Wing?
We're still experimenting with the exact shape/function of the maneuvering tool. Our latest idea shifts some of the work into the vehicle bases, but that requires more testing before we know if we proceed down that path or if we stay with the hinged tool.
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