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Default From/To Custom Skill List

I asked a while back if anyone had a list showing the reverse defaults for the skills in the Basic Set.
dripton created a Python script list giving me what I needed.
Since then, I took it upon myself to create my own list of every skill with a "From" and "To" default underneath them.
I also placed all the skills into categories, and then subcategories. Each skill within the subcategories are sorted by the primary attribute used. Then, each of those skills are sorted alphabetically.

Figured I'd share. You'll still have to look up the individual skill (I listed page numbers for each skill). It would take way too much time to rewrite and summarize descriptions and rules, and I don't think it would even be okay to share it at that point since I would be basically rewriting and posting a chunk of the book.

I don't think there are any errors, and the way I organized the skills probably won't be to the liking of every person who looks through it. You can reorder things/copy-paste/etc. to your whim.
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