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Default Re: Lucy's Choice: Let's make Lucifer Parallels!

Originally Posted by patchwork View Post
A couple from Broken Rooms you might get a kick out of (since you seem to be using the "Lucifer" designation very broadly):

Hotspot: the sun has entered a flare state. Global temperatures are up about 5 C on average, and the UV radiation during the day gives people who go out during the day without protective gear second degree burns. Humans are desperately trying to complete undersea and underground closed systems as the biosphere crashes, and everyone understands that even if those projects succeed, there isn't going to be enough room for everyone.

Damocles: there's a supermassive object, apparently a black hole, transiting the solar system. Astronomers are currently watching it break up and absorb Neptune. It will transit the inner system close enough to pull Earth out of its orbit in a decade or so...they've named it Damocles.

Sterility events and plagues are old standby's drop them in any year you like.
I especially like that both of these could be stretched to be true Lucifers...

Hotspot in particular looks like a fun one for a conveyor to show up in.
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