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Default Re: "Generic" Simple yes or no to both.

Since we need longer than 11 letters to even post an answer, I'm gong to have to answer in long form, anyway, but rarely is a yes/no answer appropriate, since with only one word answers, there will always be follow-up questions.

The Generic Monster Enhancer says that the monster appears the next time a face-up Door is drawn, not that it replaces the next face-up Door draw, and definitely not any face-up draw (as in the case of Duck of Earl, which has a face-up Treasure and face-down Door draw). So, the most common and likely next face-up Door draw after a Monster wins will be the next player kicking open the door on his turn, and he will have to deal with whatever card he draws face-up and fight the Generic enhanced Monster to which the previous player lost. That means that if it's a Monster, the player will have to fight both. If it's a Curse, deal with the Curse, then fight the Monster.

The unanswered issue we're left with is what it means in the cases when the player drawing a face-up Door card is not in a situation where finding a Monster means you have to fight it. I'm going to do some research and see if we haven't already discussed those conditions.
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