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Default Re: [OOC] Villains Round Table

Lets see what I can steal- I mean bring to the virtual table.

1. Occupation or history
Agent Chaos was born on a monday, as THE Avatar of chaos itself he tends to break the norm.

2. Physical description
He looks like an Olympic athlete turned up to 11, He also look like the cross between a burnt victim and a rabid gorilla with leprosy, and not in a good way.

3. Attributes & skills
His strength and speed are world class, easily out lifting and out pacing the best, he can also run for very long distances before getting a hint of fatigue. His hand to hand skills are also at a masters level and he is proficient in every type of weapon out there.

4. Values & motivations
He values chaos above all. He is a devout chaos agent and does everything he can to mess with everything. If there is a rule he will break it, if there is a person he will break them too. He will break you.

5. Interactions with others
Even though he is chaotic enough to punch a baby in the face, he always tries to recruit others. Showing them how to spread chaos. He can be the most polite person you ever saw if he knows it will tick you off.

6. Useful knowledge
He knows weapons. Guns of all sort, heavy weapons, melee weapons, throwing weapons etc. Hell, he will mcgyver the **** out of a bubblegum and paperclip and kill someone with it. He also knows what he god shows him.

7. Distinguishing feature
Did you catch the bit about the gorilla and burnt victim?
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