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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
World building to match the characters should be fun. The real question is if powers are open, completely secret, for four color comic-like.
I think it depends on the characters we decide to play. We know there are spirits, souls, demons and some kind of related magics so far... That could easily work with the "completely secret" side.

What kind of challenges would you like to see Death (of small pox) face?

Honestly, for Feebs, I'd like to see what our impression of "what if" that the mostly mundane world would do when faced with someone with this kind of ability. So I would like that the mundane still rule and supers, in whatever form they take, are as rare as true celebrities, and the mundane world has between five and ten years experience dealing with some of these kinds of supers... What do you think?
Villain's Round Table
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