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So maybe I will play Feebleman all over again. Let me see what the reboot would be a little different.

1. Occupation or history
Fred Farly is a spoiled rich kid who turned to dark magic to save him from a terminal disease; thanks to the wishes he made, Fred will now live forever, but will always retain his painful chronic condition; and although he can wish for small boons, each of them come with a corresponding painful curse to go with it. Calling himself "Feebleman," based on what the demon who blessed/cursed him used to refer t him, Fred now uses his powers to entertain himself by making the world his own "grand theft auto" and finding new ways to die.

2. Physical description
FeebleMan will be played by Lucas Heges. He is physically frail man at 5'9" 1/2, 130#s, in his late teens / early twenties; Caucasian often with a sickly yellowish complexion. When he "respawns" he is dressed in a polo shirt, khakis and sandles; but he often likes to wear the clothing of people he has killed or whose lives he is trying to live."

3. Attributes & skills
Feebleman has always been quite versatile when it comes to books, games and computers. He is becoming more and more proficient at stunt driving, shooting various guns, breaking and entering, making explosives out of household ingredients and anything found in the boy scout manual or anarchist cookbook. Besides serial immortality (coming back in a brand new copy of his body somewhere "safe" nearish to where he died last), Feebs can make small wishes which are granted with a downside curse to go with it until he makes a new wish to replace the last one.

4. Values & motivations
Fred has spent half a decade as someone sickly who wasn't allowed to do anything lest it aggravate his condition. He finds that with enough medications he can be a somewhat normal person who can do whatever he wants and see "what would happen" without consequences. This rebooted version is a little softer than the 2013; though he may dabble occasionally in sadistic behavior, he is really after the curiosity of "what would happen if I did something totally crazy no one's done before?"

5. Interactions with others
Fred is a compulsive liar with most people, often going into his Eddie Haskel routine, telling people what they want to hear to get what he wants from them "Thank you Mrs. Cleaver, I can't stay, but might I borrow some fertilizer and robitussen?" For those who prove to see through his lies, he ignores to find someone else, uses violence to take what he wants or cowers if they are truly can overpower him.

6. Useful knowledge
Fred's good at going through computer information quickly, guessing/finding passwords, and architecture (specifically he can tell which walls are load bearing and where the drywall is). He loves going to the most dangerous parts of towns and picking fights, getting himself killed, and then coming back later to "try that level again."

7. Distinguishing feature
FeebleMan is thin and scrawny, often has a cough, and sometimes Jaundice or other easily identified symptom of a serious medical condition.
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