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Default Re: [OOC] Villains Round Table

I'm in.

Yes, this is a work in progress.

Oh, the death of smallpox:

1. Occupation and History:
Death of smallpox is one of the most experienced death's on payroll. The deaths are heavily inspired by irregular webcomic, but a little more serious. Smallpox is but is currently in a sort of limbo state, picking up odd jobs like delivering the souls of heroes who can fight back and occasionally giving VIP's tours. Smallpox is currently trying to pick up the soul of _____, a hero with all sorts of connections who reneged on a deal with death itself.
2. Physical Description
He looks like the classic grim reaper: a skeleton in a black hooded robe carrying a scythe. The robe is heavier than most.

3. Attributes and Skills
Smallpox is quite intelligent, and has an iron will. As a death, He is an immortal being freed from the needs of the flesh, and has the power to move from place to place with ease, stealthily if necessary, taking others with him. He can sense life force, remove it with a touch, restore or strengthen it. He has a natural command over spirits of the dead. He's very familiar with humans, but still struggles to understand them in more than an academic sense.

4. Values and Motivations
Smallpox is devoted to his job, and is proud of both his organization and his status in it. He understands humans are really fussy about dying, but finds that rather silly and pays no heed to it. He values order, particularly the natural order. He gets particularly miffed when the rules are broken. He normally tries to keep others rules, but that's out of politeness --- he'll break that if he gets frusterated.

5. Interactions with Others
Smallpox tends to come off a little old fashioned, what with all of the bowing and formality and the archaic phrasing. He is extremely polite to all, if often abrupt and uncompromising. He's often slow to resort to physical interaction with mortals, but fairly pleasant with his 'charges'. In the old days he was terrible efficient, but now he has a bit more time.

6. Useful Knowledge
Small pox is an incredibly old being with a long memory, remembering much of history, a solid understanding of human disease, and a fundamental knowledge of the afterlife.

7. Distinguishing features.
Small pox is easy to pick out of lineup that doesn't include black robed cultists. Among other deaths, he's distinguished by the twisted and pockmarked wood of his scythe

I can use either game system.

World building to match the characters should be fun. The real question is if powers are open, completely secret, for four color comic-like.
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