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Default [OOC] Villains Round Table

This is a reboot of a 2013 PBP game that never quite got off the ground.

Player Roster So Far
LemmingLord - Yes (!). "Feebleman."
ericthered - Yes (!). "Death (of Smallpox)."
zoncxz - Yes (!). "Agent Chaos."

Talosian - Maybe (?)

Round Table Playing/Gamemastering

Everyone playing controls a villain player character that exists in the same shared game world AND plays the narrator/antagonist for another player.

Character Creation

Character power levels were superhuman. At 1000 points GURPS characters, I'd say they are n the upper X-men level power levels. For those who had characters in the 2013 game, obviously you can use that character; but I think we should consider "rebooting" the character, to bring whatever new take on the character you might have here three years later; or a completely new character works too.

Can we start with a general character concept description? Something like the seven sentence NPC character is usually a good start.
1. Occupation or history
The first sentence serves as the introduction to the character, describing his occupation and giving a brief history of the character.

2. Physical description
The second sentence is a brief physical description of the character, maybe giving some insight into his style and perhaps hidden motivations.

3. Attributes & skills
The third sentence describes the character's attributes and skills. Here, any attributes above or below average should be noted.

4. Values & motivations
The fourth sentence is one of the most important, from a role-playing point of view. This sentence describes the values the gamemaster/narrator can exploit to motivate the character.

5. Interactions with others
This sentence describes how the character interacts with others and gives the gamemaster/narrator some idea what kind of fun NPCs to interact with the character.

6. Useful knowledge
This is stuff that the narrator/gamemaster should try to showcase in an adventure. That is, if the character knows downtown new york like the back of his hand, obviously there is going to be a reason to go to downtown new york or someone may be recognized as a figure.

7. Distinguishing feature
This is something if the character appeared in a lineup that would tend to make him easily identifiable. If the character became a mainstay in comics, this would be something artists would always try to include (Magneto likes his cape and helmet combo; Doomsday is huge and has sharp bone fragments protruding from his skin; Lex Luthor is bald or wig-wearing)

Should we stick with GURPS as a general framework for character creation? If so, should we stick with the same character creation model as the 2013 PBP?

Shared Gameworld

Once we all have character concepts we all like, we should probably determine what kind of world they all live in. We know this is like our world. I think it would be awesome to be visibly "the real world" of 2016, with modifications to go with our character concepts.
Villain's Round Table

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