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Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
One thing I think is often overlooked is how important a good, cohesive technological infrastructure is. Sci-fi is often about exploration of science and engineering, which means that exploring a civilizations infrastructure and technology is just as important as discussing the meaning of sapience and what a diamond planet might look like.
Interestingly enough I came up with a similar thought when reading his blog.
UT gave us a taste of various technologies and possible devices based on them.
High Tech and its companions did a broader job.
I thought about posting a note to all GURPS (Especially Pyramid) writers for such articles. They could even be systemless.
But what does a given tech do and feel like for a society that uses it?
Grav Tech, and enhanved power sources are pretty well covered but could see some fleshing out.
But what does plasma tech do besides weapons?
Assumptions need to be made based on the technobable but I could see good world fluff and adventure material based on various technological breakthroughs.
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