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Default Re: First attempt at making Car Wars Miniatures and a 3D playing field.

Originally Posted by Skunkape View Post
The 1.5x3 inch bases for my Hot Wheels cars as well. Good idea to do the same with debris, etc.
Tinsnips make old hot wheels cars into obstacles. Mount on 1.5"/1.5" bases.

Metallic confetti makes good debris.

Look at fabric shops for studs and buttons or snaps to make mines and spikes.

Fabric paint on 3"x1.5" bases make good slicks.

You'll also want a set of "dot" stickers for marking "on fire" and the like. We used smaller stickers on every miniature to identify weapon ports, ram plates, etc, etc.

Put lines and dots on your bases that show the firing arcs and centers of sides.
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