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Default Fluid Consumption Rules

I'm working on a High Fantasy campaign, but I've decided, in part to keep potions under control as wealth levels rise and in part because I like the aesthetic, that I'm going to have magical potions, but that they are going to be big (I'm thinking 750 mL to 1.5 L). That way, they have significant weight, take time to drink and you can't drink too many in rapid succession without running the risk of retching or choking. I'm having trouble coming up with rules that feel right for the latter two effects, though.

How slow do you have to drink liquid to not require a roll? What rolls are appropriate (probably HT) to try to chug quickly and how much should this speed things up? What risk are associated with drinking absurd amounts in a short time span (several liters in an encounter, say) and what rolls can help with this (the obvious option is HT, but I could also see ST to represent mass). Thoughts, anyone?
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