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Default Re: First attempt at making Car Wars Miniatures and a 3D playing field.

Originally Posted by MiB1213 View Post
Hey all~

I don't consider myself to be a proficient model maker, with that being said I want to venture out into the world of miniatures for Car Wars. I love this game. I've played it for as long as I can remember, BUT, I have always used the paper pieces.
Can anyone give me some tips on how to start about this??
I went to a local model train store and bought 2 automobiles at 1/160 scale. They seem to be about right for the turn key. What are some other options...

What size cars?
Ideas on scenery??

Thank you
Most players either go with the classic (1x) scale or 3x (with a few folks using 1.5x). I'm assuming that you're after 1x here.

It sounds like you've found the model train bits. 1/192 is probably closer to the right scale. Here are a couple of other options that are currently available for 1x Scale:

Irregular Miniatures

Howard Models (the 1/16" Scale cars are just about perfect).

Some of the above painted.

If you're lucky and willing to spend a bit, you might be able to find some of the old Grenadier Autoduel miniatures on EBay. They show up every now and then.

The cars from the Formula D game are also about the right size.

One other often overlooked item that can improve the look of figures is the bases. I'd suggest either a magnet or a clear acrylic (check for their base maker). If you really want to go all-out, consider also getting enough to do some dropped weapons too.

For scenery...
I use foam core for arenas at this scale. It's fairly easy to work with and lightweight, but somewhat sturdy. Arenas are nice in that they are fairly contained and can built with a couple of sheets of foam core. A good color printer is also very helpful.

Another toy that can be handy for creating bridges, ramps, and city buildings are the old Girder and Panel sets.

If you're looking for outdoors scenery, definitely focus on the model train lines, they've got a lot of stuff for this, and tons of how-to manuals.
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