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Default Houserules: Alternate Hit Penalties and Weapon damage adjustments

Now, i remember many a year ago when i played GURPS last (I dusted it off about 6 months ago and got back into it, best decision in quite some time to be honest) that my GM used a melee hit location table, that was quite different to the basic hit location table.

And i also remember him using a alternative table with small adjustments to weapon damage and such. For example, a Flanged Mace would do more damage to/trough articulated plate than a regular round-headed mace.

Does anyone have any house-rules of this sort lying around? Or in general, let's hear your opinions on melee combat (Mostly the Low-Tech kind) in GURPS and what other house-rules you might use!

As a practitioner of HEMA and SCA Heavy Fighting i'd love to add some more depth, or perhaps just nuances, to my melee combat.
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