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Default Re: experience with rules-light/rules-free rpgs?

Originally Posted by copeab View Post
d6 Star Wars was quite rules light. Character creation was fast and easy (even if not using templates) and the dice mechanic was pretty simple (roll and add).

Classic Traveller, if one only used Books 1-3, was not rules heavy, although one had to do a lot of dice rolling.

Fudge can be pretty rules light, more so than fate.

BESM was also rules light. Tri-Stat dX made things a bit too complicated to be "light".

Talislanta fits in there too, at least for 1e and 2e.

Oh, and although I know some people don't consider it a role-playing system, but TWERPS was pretty simple.
5E was pretty much the same non-magic material, with a simplified magic system, but 4/5th of the big blue book is setting.
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