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Default Playing a Rpg Charecter Ripped from their system in another reality.

While this fanfiction has it faults, I do love it's premise. Basically a munchkin wizard from a very meta dnd world gets transported to the harry potter world but still follows the rules of his own universe. So he gets involved in events and makes changes both good and really really bad. I liked how they described dnd wizard as basically a very alien creature to a more realistic world since he is govern by rpg meta rules. Like the school nurse are amazed that he can recover from very serious injuries from just sleeping a night, he basically had no concept of smell or taste outside the context of clues to the greater plot until someone introduced it to him. Heck he was immune to a crutacious curse since pain on it's own isn't a status effect in dnd (the logic is anything that has the flavor text of causing pain real effect is a debuff of some kind, but in harry potter world this spell is solely made to cause pain and nothing else.) and can basically can sort of fast foward his perception of time until plot relevant things happen.

Though things were strange to the dnd wizard as well about this world inhabited, like how they can just learn new spells by gaining levels and use them more then several times a day. He was horrified to learn that people's skill degrade if they aren't using those skills, and just in general having a difficult time understanding how people function in rules different from his own. At times it made him question the somewhat flimsy rules of his own reality.

So my Question is how would you do such a character in any rpg really, someone who specifically functions under the rules of an entirely different system in the most literal way. It kind of implied that the dm is a pure arbiter of the rules as written ( as the author mentioned it is 3rd edition dnd with a few homebrew rules). It would probably be horrible for a long term campaign to figure out for example how the rules of Dnd and World of darkness would interact with each other, but it seems like a cool idea for a one shot.
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