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Default Re: A roleplaying-oriented idea

"... Then they can sell out and become tools...."
No need for that!
Use a Secret Patron [Group] who buys them all the stuff they want, and pays for training!
Since they're fighting a Large Corp, there's gotta' be either another Multinational, or a 'Donald Trump/Warren Buffet' somewhere who's itchin' for some revenge, and doesn't mind using a band of misfit's both to leverage against some old-enemy, as well as payout a nice Jackpot (in this case, if Joe Average wins, the 'Vegas odd's will have paid enough to reimburse the costs to stake them), and provide some Sheer-Comedy to be used for years in Tri-dee shows!
Bonus: Average Joe's get to keep the stuff, and a nice Royalty deposited every month! :D

[I want in on this game! I wanna' play the Cranky Ole' Vet' in the Wheelchair, named: "No Frills Yoda"!]

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