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Default Re: GURPS as a convention game

Originally Posted by thastygliax View Post
Stick strictly to basic rules. If it can't be built or resolved using GURPS Lite, it's probably more complicated than you want to include in a short con game meant to introduce new players to the system.
Consider this somewhat seconded, simplicity is going to be your friend taking lite as your starting point is probably essential. I think that you can get away with adding one or two additional elements providing you choose carefully magic for urban fantasy or pressure and gravity rules for a space scenario but pick one (or two closely related) complication and leave it at that.

I would also agree with avoiding straight fantasy and downplaying combat. You want your game to stand out and you don't want it to bog down.

The biggest thing you can do to make it work is to put in a bit of time in advance making sure that there is some support for your players. GURPS has a (somewhat deserved) reputation for being complicated which might work against you, however this can be countered by providing cheat sheets for the major rules (while it may not be practical for you I have given new players a modified copy of GURPS Ultra lite or one page GURPS as a reference) and by avoiding skill or ability bloat.

On the subject of bloat I would personally stick with lower point characters with focused skill lists rather than the higher cost characters from the template driven series such as after the end. 5-10 major skills and a single ability (if possible purchased as a skill) if any will serve well enough for a one off.
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