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Default Re: GURPS as a convention game

Your biggest problem will be time. RPG's take time, and gurps is no exception. Combat in particular can be time consuming. Choose if you want to display combat or to display skills. I personally would go for a investigation plot with a fight at the end. Some social stuff, some looking around for information, and then a showdown.

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Don't try to compete with D&D in the Fantasy market. Run an After the End game instead.
Or something else that really shows off the ability to run anywhere. I've seen westerns pushed as a place where gurps really shines. Really, anywhere other than the ninety and nine will fill that requirement. Don't go too out there though: you want the game to be accessible.

Originally Posted by Lucian View Post
I fully believe gurps is a much better system than DnD
But not in a convention setting.

It usually takes time to fully appreciate gurps
It takes time to fully appreciate the character building aspect, I'll give you that. Sadly, you don't have time to display that at a convention. I suspect that you can pick up people on mere simulationist/realism grounds though. As well as flexibility.
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