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Default Re: Gaming disasters

My first group were school friends first and gamers second so we never had any major problems.

When I moved cities it took a while to find a decent group. The first group I found were really disorganised and plenty of times I would show up only to find the game cancelled with no explanation or just two of us show up (me and the GM usually). One time I didn't show, they killed my character so I had to spend half the session rolling up a new one.

The second group I found was really immature, one guy in particular kept accusing everyone of being homosexual and making anti-gay jokes. I was getting sick of the group fast when mister anti-gay was rude to my then girlfriend, now wife and that was the last straw.

Third time lucky, my current group is awesome. Their preferred system is Pathfinder (mine is GURPS) but that is fine with me, I will play whatever is going, plus they did indulge me a short GURPS campaign.
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