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Default Re: Gaming disasters

Originally Posted by Lindmark71 View Post
When a GM spends so much time fleshing out an area, and the players don't want any part of it. Either the players avoid it, and the GM is ticked off, or the GM forces the players into it, and the players are ticked off.

Either way, someone (or many someones) are ticked off.
Usually my negative experiences are just the opposite. The GM takes NO time prepping, and their view of both GMing on the fly, and a Good Game are "Here's a fight that will last 5 hours, none of the players will survive, and if they do it's only because of my DMPC. Oh, and what's this I hear about people wanting more than combat? Why do you need anything even resembling a plot/story/whatever you want to call the bits that tie a game together? Combat is all you need isn't it?"

Edit: Translating this, it is a GM who rolls out a generic battle mat, throws down some miniatures and says "Here's the plot, kill them before they kill you." And the fight takes 5 hours, and is never finished even then.
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