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Default Gaming disasters

We have those games where everything falls apart or we played with people who are less then ideal. I figure we should discuss our persona experience. don't name names, and if the said troublesome person reads or is on this forum probably don't bring it up. Let not make internet drama just talk about our experiences, how they affected us, what we learned for the future and maybe just vent these things off to others.

Well to start with let talk about my forum rp days.

One time I accidently broke a game on my first post. Basically my charecter was blowing up a grave stone, but the problem was the grave stone was in area blocked off. Which the thread starter forget to leave a map with what places are locked because of dark magic. This made the whole thing fall apart fast in OOC chat.

In a Sailor Moon rp, I was playing a villain and attacked the scouts and managed to get a good blow or two. The guy who plays tuxedo mask comes in a day later and says he should have been involved in the fight. This leads to a argument in the ooc chat about he wanted to go back to that point while the others wanted to just move on. The thread started fell on the side of tuxedo mask and the group fell apart from there....yeah forum rps are delicate things.

I had this one Dm that I still have issues with..I will say I am biased and I probably screwed up things on my end too...but it was not a pleasent event.

We first met when a guy who is now a good friend of mine got a bunch of people for dnd, that fell apart and he started his own game. There were probally two bad signs at the starts. my friend who was dming mentioned later his charecter creation was a pain in the ass since he wanted to be a immortal undying Kitsune and while he negotiated to let him play it with a lot of la he later regret letting him bring his fursona into the game.

Well he invited me to his game and what should have been a bad sign at the start was he would not let me play a cleric or mage class, only a warrior or barbarian. He said I was not "experienced" enough to play a magic class... I decided to try out the barbarian since I had a warrior last game. Here is where I will admit my fault, I was very new to roleplaying since previous games either died fast or were those dnd encounter things where it less a roleplaying experience and more of a tabletop war game of sorts. I was thinking a barbarian is an uncivil, reckless and rude to an extent...I will that probably put me in a bad mind set to begin and that probally leaked into my actual interactions. But basically in the game he more or less kept us on a railroad and when I deviated he usually had some much higher level npc to threaten me back on the tracks.

I tried to make this work...but one day on a particularly bad day since I had gotten in a car accident which caused us to have to cancel a vacation. We were playing a normal enough game, when we transported back to home town we were considering ending the game there. We had gotten enough exp for a level up, this will mildy important to my complaint later. We considered ending, but we figured lets go on a bit further. Apperently there was a tournament of fighting going on in town, the dm asked if any of us wanted to sign up, I actually did not since in a meta sense I was a level one charecter who was still trying to figure out combat rules. but the dm pretty much heavily implied that my character would do so since she acted all combat happy and thought highly of her skills and basically pressured me to do so. So he has fight against shock of all shock his fursona I mentioned earlier. He kills me easily and then let the bomb drop that he was kicking me out of the game and had the whole group do an intervention on why...basically I was argumentative with the dm (which I will admit...) I not going to say I was an angel..I wasn't. However one we were going to stop the game before another player said lets keep going, implying that he would have let me do the level up process on my sheet and then kill me immediately next game, two I would have preferred he tell me in private that he wants me out...I would probably still be mad..but I wouldn't the public humiliation aspect of having this drop on me in front of the other players...I cried in front of everyone..unable to keep my emotions in I said it was a bad day already....

Those are my bad experiences with roleplaying.
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