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Default Re: [Sorcery] Those Other Spells...

I would prefer not to go through all that effort with Obscure. What's it Obscuring anyway? (Yes, the alarm bell, which becomes audible when the Obscure drops, but where's the alarm bell coming from? Add an audio illusion onto this?)

My idea was that normally, you'd cast Detect (Creatures) on yourself and see if anything was there; here, I'm defining as a special effect that instead of you personally sensing 'there's something here', the alarm goes off (i.e., the noise is a stand-in for the normal 'I sense something').

Technically, the fact that it automatically tells all your friends that you detected something is an advantage (Afflict: Detect (Creatures) w/Area Effect), but it also tells the creature that they were detected, and it's possible that it's the only one in hearing distance (you went on your merry way).

Delay is supposed to be an attack only modifier... but the +50% Triggered Delay may be the answer here. I've got enough special ideas hanging off of this, what's one more? Though... doing that would imply that the spell could last forever until triggered, and I would like to stick with a 4 hour maximum. Or it's limited to the normal 1 minute, and it still has to pay the +150% for 4 hours, and I'm hoping to avoid that with some form of Extended Duration (Once Only) (4 hours).
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