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Default Re: [Sorcery] Those Other Spells...

Originally Posted by Rindis View Post
I've got PowersI'm surprised that Sorcery seems to rate gestures and incantations so low in comparison, though I suppose that's because you get a choice of things to do under the Alternative Rituals rule.
That's basically it. Being able to choose which 2 of those 3 Limitations are in place makes their value drop dramatically.

Not sure how to handle most of them, but for Alarm; Obscure Sound, give it a Delay that triggers when a specific act is performed rather than a specific time (should be about 0% modifier, same as a Delay with a set time?), and possibly Ranged if you want to be able to have the spell cast from another area. Obscure automatically is detectable in the same sense that it blocks out, like a ball of Darkness for sight.
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