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Default Re: [Sorcery] Those Other Spells...

Originally Posted by Rindis View Post
Okay, I've been looking at working up some of the spells from That Other Game (AD&D 1e/2e actually) in a Sorcery-type format. It's good for getting a lot more familiar with a lot of advantages at the least.

Naturally, I'm coming up with lots of questions I can't quite answer on my own....

First, assuming I want spells to need gestures and/or incantations as well as the 1 FP cost baked into the -15% Sorcery modifier, what are those worth? My thought was around -5% each, but Sorcery's bit on Alternative Rituals implies a -5% for both together. Then what would gestures but not incantation be worth?
GURPS Power-Ups 4: Limitations explicitly puts both "Requires gestures" and "Requires magic words" at -10%

"Requires gestures: Your hands – and to a lesser degree, the rest of your body – must be free to move about. If your arms are restrained in any way, or your lower body is fully pinned or clamped in place, you cannot use your ability. -10%.

Requires magic words: You must chant at normal conversation levels. You cannot be gagged, and stealth is impossible.

It's a great book and I highly recommend you pick it and it's sister supplement GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements if you plan to do any in-depth sorcery or powers work.
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