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Default Re: Movies and In Nomine...

Originally Posted by SecretAgentMan
I've always thought The Prophecy was the ultimate angel movie.
Satan was great in that movie, too bad he wasn't in it for long.


Serenity has a very powerful message about sin, sin is humanity, and if you take away humanities ability to be wrong you take away humanity itself. If you wanted to transfer that to In Nomine you'd have to realize that you'd be leaving your characters with two armies (heaven and hell) against their bitty cannon. Not much space for mistakes in there.

What I wonder about is Etherals, if you look at Firefly-Serenity, which I often do, you see that there is a very strong and loyal fan base that believes with heart and soul in these characters, the fact that they are fictional doesn’t hinder the belief. The fact that the entire Firefly universe died did nothing to lessen the belief, the resurrection three years later only helped add to their numbers.

The word is "cult." And the belief is strong enough to match the namesake.

(This reminds me how much I need to get reference material on Ethereals.)

Though I like to think Firefly-Serenity is special I recognize that there must be other things out there where people believe this strongly, wouldn’t that mean that every time a few million people deeply believed in a work of fiction a new set of Ethereals would pop into existence?
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