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Default Re: In Nomine....does it have a "Pro-Heaven" bias?

Originally Posted by Moonsight View Post
Now I want to ask, does everysingle Demon do this or do they have to the "backstabbing" mentality? Of course when playing Demon characters, are you forced to turn on humans or each other that trusted you?

Making Demons backstabby that would turn on you makes them shallow characters in my opinion.

Basically I think the whole Hell and Heaven situation should be about Rebellion and Hedonism vs Authority and Asceticism.

Basically for example, I've been wondering if it's possible for Demons to value social justice and support leftist ideologies like marxism/communism/socialism, intersectional feminism, etc since they challenge the status quo which is Capitalism/Kyriarchy/Patriarchy that Heaven represents?
Hmmmmm... Canonically, the Demon Princes Asmoedus and Kronos are all about authority, and Demon Prince Mammon is as right-wing as one can get financially. On the other side, Archangel Marc has no problem with socialism (communism is frowned upon by the Archangel of Trade; socialism is fine; telling the difference: is it a trade or a reallocation?), and Archangels Eli and Novalis don't care for asceticism at all. You'd have to do something about them.

And the very first published adventure had a group of angels and demons working together in a long-term stable group, so not all demons are backstabbity backstabbers (and not all angels are smitey smiters of evil).
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