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Default Re: In Nomine....does it have a "Pro-Heaven" bias?

Originally Posted by Moonsight View Post
From my readings so far about In Nomine, ...

2. Is it possible to portray Heaven and Hell as "morally grey" instead of "Black and White" and "Good vs Evil" which the far latter is highly subjective what you define what "Good" and "Evil" is.
I tend to play/run angel-centric campaigns, although the good guys in the end are humanity rather than either side. Rather than defining merely as Good vs Evil, I go with how canon explains the difference. Good is selflessness, which I further interpret as collective thinking. Evil is selfishness, which I interpret as every man for himself, in the end. Demons are still not to be trusted, since they'll turn on you when they don't see much benefit in keeping you around. Angels are no, er, angels either though, being vulnerable to groupthink and blindly following orders, orders given by a batch of highly powered bickering, well-intentioned and occasionally crazy siblings. I'm no optimist.

Humans at least can take either approach, hold contradictory stances, and can change.
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