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Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
If I haven't said it before, I really appreciate these breakdowns. I find they really explain a lot about the mechanics you've designed, they cover topics I like (Justified!), and they inspired me to do the same in my Psi-Wars, to get an idea of how I want the combat to play out (Obviously, my mechanics will be much more cinematic than what you mostly do, but the idea of breaking down a fight to get an idea of how your mechanics should play out in a game, is the same).
Thanks! Really, I've been doing this for at least 25 years. I've always been heavily inspired by movies and telly, and always worked trying to recreate them in games -- not literally, as that would be boring, but in spirit. So I have been "gun-spotting" (the kind of thing IMFDb does nowadays, although I don't like their results very much), statting movie props, and finding ways to recreate specific stunts in movies with the rules for ages. You'll find this in my old fanzine, in almost all my books (in different ways, of course), in many of my Pyramid articles, etc.
Really, what I'm trying to do with these writeups is to show off how the rules look in action. That's sighted shooting. That's a double-tap. That's a 2-second reload with Fast-Draw. Etc.


I blog at Shooting Dice.
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