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Default Re: Questions about hitboxes, impaling weapons, rigid armor, and hit chances

Originally Posted by trooper6 View Post
Dear OP, here is where you will see two very different schools of GURPS. simply Nathan is representing the Cult of Stat Normalization that tends to want characters to have low skills and low attributes because they see that as realistic. GodBeastX is representing the other school...which I don't think has a name...which finds higher skills and attributes realistic.

You get to choose which school your join.

Quite a lot of the difference is that the Cult member tend to think people have low skills but get generous bonuses for routine tasks. Of course life and death situations are never routine tasks which tends to result in bad times once the PCs start adventuring (in my experience).

I remember reading this somewhere once (though I don't recall where)...and this is where I fall: 12 for starting professional level skills, 14 for starting professional level skills where life and death is concerned (combatants, surgeons, pilots, etc).

But for me 14 is Spear is a good starting professional level.
Well speaking as a paid up member of the cult I've never really known stat normalisation to refer much to skills. I'm certainly a "stat normaliser" but I find the only issues are with high stats not high skill. (there are plenty of ways to counter high skill IME, especially in combat)

FWIW my range would be:

Spear Skill 10 = hastily fielded militia
Spear Skill 12 = Regular seasonal or not very well trained core of troops.
Spear Skill 14 = Experienced or 'professional' level troops
Spear skill 16+ = getting into elite famous troops.

A couple point though. Historically speaking training wasn't as regular regime a lot of the time. High skill wasn't the be all and end all of weapon training, because there was more to being an effective combatant on historical battlefields than raw skill or accuracy.

For example the shield wall perk at 1 pt it worth more than way more points spent on spear skill in an army that relies on a strong shield wall.

Similarly the ability to reliably hit a torso at 100 yards with a musket, is way less important than the ability to load and fire quickly when you shooting at blocks of men not individuals.

I.e even of you give all you spear men Skill 12 in your front line that's likely not the only factor to rate them by.

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