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Default Re: Questions about hitboxes, impaling weapons, rigid armor, and hit chances

Originally Posted by simply Nathan View Post
I disagree with this entire paragraph. PCs tend to have inflatedly high skill levels, yes, because players hate to miss attacks. Skill 12 is where I'd peg professional snipers and weapons at DX level (10) as typical for most soldiers who can take one of Telegraphic or All-Out Attack to boost their accuracy while people relying on default alone need both and elite warriors (as most combat PCs tend to be) can do away with both.
Tactical Shooting pretty well lays down that 12 is not an appropriate skill level for professional snipers.

If you meant professional soldiers, (whose main job skill is actually Soldier) weapon skill at 12 would be pretty good and skill 10 could be passable, though at that level trying to hit someone may have downright slapstick results since somebody with no defensive advantages can still ensure that the attacker fails to make contact more than half the time. (And if they use All Out Attack to try to reduce that, they'll most likely lose the fight instantly even to a skill-10 opponent. All Out Attack in melee combat does not work as a staple move.)

I do agree with the OP that skill 14 is rather high for someone who isn't really that invested in martial training. (But PCs will be like that fairly often if allowed.)
Originally Posted by GodBeastX View Post
This assumes you are mixing in Martial Arts rules, which I never assume when people are posting. Yes, if you take the possible vital hit then Torso isn't bad, but otherwise it requires you to do massive damage in order to effectively end combat. I say End COmbat because even killing someone may not be the goal of a fight. I also said "Almost" always, not "Always". I am usually careful about making absolute statements, because things like reducing effective skill to low to be useful and other factors tie into choosing a location too.

However, if you're trying to make someone ineffective in combat, Torso is not often the best place to hit.
I think that 'you're using an impaling weapon', especially in this thread, is a very important exception to that.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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