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Default Re: Questions about hitboxes, impaling weapons, rigid armor, and hit chances

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
... Such rules would be welcome (and would probably come down to something like a Brawling Parry with a bonus for getting your arm actually hit rather than using it to knock the attack aside), ...
The Harsh Realism for Unarmed Fighters box in MA (pg 124) has a better take on this than Campaigns:

Parrying Weapons: Unarmed combat
skills – including Judo and Karate –
parry weapons, swung or otherwise, at
-3. Failure by 3 or less means the parry
still “succeeds” in the sense that you got
your limb in the way. The attacker hits
the parrying limb instead of his intended
target, and rolls his usual damage. In close
combat (only), ignore this drawback
for Judo and Karate parries vs. rigid
crushing weapons – clubs, sticks, etc.

But as you say wouldn't matter in the case of trying to do so with a crippled limb
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