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Default Re: Really tricky Advantage for new GM - Help please?

Interesting advantage. I'd be really tempted to just house rule it. Something like...

Versatile Skin (5 points)
The being can shed their skin (taking 30 seconds), and when they do, the layer remaining matches the coloration of its surroundings (+6 camouflage bonus to Stealth when still, +3 when moving, when in the same kind of environment the skin was shed in), but the skin is thin enough to cause other problems. The thin skin is pretty raw and sensitive, giving a -3 to resist any pain effects that relate to the skin (counters high pain threshold), and does not provide any DR.

Each month, the camouflage degrades as the coloration is lost and the skin turns grey, resulting in a reduction of the camouflage bonus by 1 (round down for the halving done for the bonus while moving). But the benefit is that the skin thickens and provides more protection. Every two months, the pain sensitivity penalty reduces by one (until it reaches zero), and the DR goes up by 1 (to a maximum of 3). When the camouflage bonus and pain penalties are gone, and the DR is maxed out, the skin is leathery and gray.

Special Appearance Reaction Modifier (5 points)
As a racial Advantage, Versatile Skin has become part of the culture. It is considered impressive to not have to use the camouflage, and to allow one's skin to reach the fully mature gray form is a valued status symbol. In combination with the Versatile Skin advantage, this advantage grants a reaction bonus equal to the current DR of the skin.
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