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Default Re: Really tricky Advantage for new GM - Help please?

The amount of time taken between shedding skin is voluntary, aka, the creature chooses when to shed or not to shed.

The Benefit of Shedding is camouflage. The cost is a little bit of raw skin.
(Maybe a 1 hp cost or similar, or the loss of their racial High Pain Threshold for a limited duration)

Having old grey skin is status, and fresh, more "camouflage" skin is less status.
Originally it developed as a mechanism for hunting and hiding in dense canopy jungles. And has trough time evolved into a status symbol.
A skilled hunter doesn't need camouflage, or, a person not needing fresh and camouflaged skin is already well off and has accomplished what he needs in life.
That sort of mentality. I can go deeper into if someone is interested but trying to keep it brief for now.

I'w strongly considered older and grayer skin to climb up towards 2 or 3 points fo DR, so it's always a trade-of between what you get and don't get.
Aka, making it a (Correct me if i'm wrong) modular advantage.
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