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Default Re: Socio-Economic Factors Influencing the Last War

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I'm having a harder time visualizing, though, in the face of this, why Paneurope doesn't have a HVY for every single hex of the GEV map. Unless the Combine is noticeably more "pre-post-scarcity" than they are.
Population limits and time limits. Even if you draft every possible person at 16, the kind of meatgrinder envisioned chews them up faster than they can possibly be replaced (and people can't be fabbed - there's a 16 year lead time). Not to mention the awful morale effects; Napoleon's dictum about the moral and the physical applies.

Time - it takes time to fab the gear, time to deploy them to the front, etc. Molecules are expensive to move, and the more complex the molecule, the more expensive it is to move.
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