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Default Re: How to demo GURPS?

Play the game.

Its easy to get wrapped up in and intimidated by pre packed adventures, and the tomes of rules, and all theworld builidng that is wonderfully fun, but at the end of the day, PLAY THE GAME.

Pick a 'simple' game.

Simple in this case means accessible and intuitive. I generally recommend modern day Zombies for this because the genre is familiar and the modern day has accesible maps (via google) and common cultural understanding.

ALSO GURPS zombie support is GREAT. Zombies, Zombies Day One are affordable, accessible, easy reads that will get you started quickly!

Then pick a simple plot

Survive till extraction.
Clear the area.
Overthrow the LMO/dictator etc.

Pick any of those, watch an episode of walking dead get inspiration :)

Help your guys build simple cahrachters. In this case simple means 'fairly low points (100-150)' with basic archetypes (Ex-Millitary, High School Teacher etc) and clear motivations.


None of the prep work matters if you dont get the game played. You cant really demo GURPS by world building alone.

Show them how SIMPLE GURPS is. 3 Dice. 4 Mechanics. Roll Low. Boom.

You're gonna have a great time!

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