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Default Re: Houserule Proposal: Wildcard College Magic

Originally Posted by sonofether View Post
Is it particularly unbalanced? I expected it to be a little bit stronger, but not broken.

I agree that things like Teleport become more expensive. Instead of an unusual background, what about a suggestion to drop "must know X college requirements" in some fashion, such as subtracting 5 or dividing by 2? Or maybe it's okay that high magic is more expensive when other things are a little more powerful?
Magic is already relatively unbalanced. This is not especially worse. An argument can be made that you shouldn't be allowing magery to stack with wildcard skills, but its not as clear cut as if it was a standard talent.

Its been both stated that prerequisites are not a core part of spell balancing, and that spells should not be available to all comers -- some restrictions should be in place. Requirements to know X number of spells from a single college are not a problem at all. The 1 or 2 from 10 colleges is a problem because this system encourages generalization and that requirement mandates generalization. I'd substitute something else entirely, such as a 12/24 points in a different college, the unusual background, or knowing two/four different colleges of magic. Or just waiving it. The iconic character who uses the ritual magic system is able to just ignore the prereqs (other than the fact that they form the basis of his skill penalty). This system is similar enough that I find the prereqs a technicality when they are about mandating broadness.
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