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Default Re: Houserule Proposal: Wildcard College Magic

Originally Posted by simply Nathan View Post
Personally I think if you're making that sort of change, you're better off turning Recover Energy into a Mental/Supernatural Advantage worth 5 points for 1 FP/5 minutes and 15 points for 1 FP/2 minutes.
I was trying to leave it having the same cost and effects to keep the disruption to a minimum. If I was going to price it as an advantage instead, I might do the following:

It normally takes 20 points to raise a skill by +5. To match the original cost, it should be 5 points for 1 FP/5 min and 25 points for 1 FP/2 min.

Given the use of being able to cast 2.5x more utility spells during a day, I feel that 20 points between the first and second is also appropriate from a gameplay perspective.

Recover Energy as an IQ+Magery/H spell might normally take between 1 and 8 points to reach skill 15 for an "average" mage. 5 points for the first level does feel about right off the top of my head.
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