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Default Houserule Proposal: Wildcard College Magic

TL;DR I wanted something between Johnny One-Spell and Generalist, so I tweaked the suggested wildcard magic rules as follows: a skill per college, penalties based on Magery requirement rather than number of pre-reqs, one point in a college skill lets you learn one spell in that college, plus a couple miscellaneous changes


Summary of Variant:
  • There is a wildcard skill for each magical college, as mentioned on Magic p. 202.
  • There is a penalty to each spell equal to the level of Magery it has as a pre-req, eg. a -2 for all spells that require Magery 2. (There is no penalty based on number of pre-reqs as suggested on M202.)
  • A mage learns spells by buying points in the skill for a college. One point in the skill => learning one new spell in the college, if there are any that can be learned. The pre-reqs for that spell must be met as normal (other spells known, etc.)
  • Recover Energy is no longer a spell. It is an IQ/H skill enhanced by Magery (even single-college). It has a pre-req of learning at least one spell. It can be self-learned (w/o trainer) and self-taught by anyone that casts spells regularly.
  • Spell Specialization Advantage: Costs 20 points, provides +5 skill to a single spell. Pre-req: that spell at skill level of 15+. Can be taken multiple times for a single spell and/or multiple spells. It is not efficient to take this for more than two spells in one college. Mana-Dependent is a built-in limitation and should not be added. Some other limitations such as gadget limitations may be appropriate. (Specialization would be impossible w/o this advantage.)
  • No matter what, have a hard limit on Magery except as reward for roleplay, because it's cheaper than improving a wildcard skill.
  • Suggestion: let Magery go to 4.

Biggest Feature: You learn more spells in a college when you improve your skill in the college and vice versa, encouraging specialization without requiring it.

Subtleties on Spells Known:

Other Features:

Lengthy, Detailed Example #1: Single-College Mage, 12 points on spells:

Lengthy, Detailed Example #2: Single-College Mage, 36 points on spells

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