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Default Re: Does Lucifer still serve light?

Well, if you wanted to adopt the view, anlong with the standard equation of Lucifer = The Satan = The Snake, etc...

It means that Lucifer won't likely do anything that will destroy the symphony outright... or it means that he lacks the power to do so. It also means that, in the end (of a given scenario, epoch, or of all time) Lucifer and God are on the same side. It means that every time an Angel doesn't fall or a Demon redeems, it means that Lucifer might be cheering on the inside. He'll do his *ahem* damnedest to keep it from happening, of course (it's his job); but when he and God get together for their quarterly meeting, there'll be a certain comerederie.

Or to give it a certain grim irony (and what's an In Nomine game without grim irony?) it means that the whole War, starting from Lucifer's rebellion, was planned as a means to test which angels would keep their faith, and that the whole course of infernal history has Lucifer privately shaking his head, muttering "suckers..." It means that every time a demon shakes his fist at God while obeying Lucifer is, in the end, helping Lucifer do God's will. It means that every time an angel foils one of Lucifer's plots, all he's really done is demonstrated his faith. Heck, it means that every time Lucifer acts against God, he's just fulfilling his role, like a minor chord to the Symphony. It means that, in the end, God and Lucifer will fold up the field of Armageddon like a chessboard, shake hands, and congratulate each other on a game well played.

That help answer your question? :-)
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