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Default DR, bare handed parry and disarm

Hello all!

So let's suppose I have a character with Damage Resistance (maybe they're a BoS Paladin in Fallout and as such wear Power Armor, maybe she's a Magical Girl with incredible toughness, maybe they're a superhero, whatever the source is, they are very tough). They are facing a thug armed with a melee weapon, and they want to protect people who are not as tough as them by disarming their opponent. So the move they want to make is to grab the sword and use the Karate skill for a disarm.

Would I be justified in allowing them a parry at no penalty, applying all the damage from the attack to the hand they use for parrying on a success (applying DR of course, allowing for any miscalculation to actually get them hurt, or for their DR to soak the hit if they calculated their move right or are very lucky), then allowing to use a Disarm attack with a bonus on their next turn due to such a move being unexpected?
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