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Default Re: Does Lucifer still serve light?

It's not necessarily canon to In Nomine, but...

It can be asserted that Shaitan/Satan, the Adversary of Judaic tradition, is really more of God's quality control. It's his job to continually test Creation, in an attmept to see where it breaks. For the best example, see the story of Job... Satan's not ruining his life out of hatred or malice, but to see if and when Job will lose his faith. That Job turns out to be the Old Testament's most eloquent cynic is just icing on the cake. Furthermore, Satan does this WITH the full acceptance of God.

In fact the Rabbis and Prophets are most insistant on this: all good and all evil flow from God. Nothing is done without His will or assent. Satan gets all of his power and authority to act against the creation from God. Christianinty, of course, has a differnet take on all this, as do Zoastrianism and Islam.
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