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I have been running a BPRD campaign for about 5 or so years.
The pcs are original characters in the BPRD. Basically an alternate reality from the comics/films that take the parts i like from both.

Theres a former cop turned werewolf. a Gypsy "ghost-killer" witch. A viking zombie and a clockwork cyborg Van Helsing type vampire hunter.

I treat each session as an episode of a tv show. So each has a self contained story that ties into an over arcing story.

I worked in some other franchises that I felt fit. Buffy, Blade (Blade 2 was a Del Toro film just like Hellboy), and Indiana Jones (in this version Indy helped found the BPRD).

The big bad ended up being Dracula (Hellboy creator Mike Mignola did storyboards for the Coppola Dracula film).

We ended the "original series" after two 13 episode "seasons". We played mostly in real time so we had a Christmas episode. Once played on full moon. The wolfman made all his willpower (with huge modifiers) rolls to avoid "wolfing out" so I ruled hed beaten the beast after that.

We returned to the universe later with BPRD: Black Books with some new characters and returning favorites. Basically black ops.

We have started a new one called BPRD: Monster Squad. With the wolfcop guy as basically the new Hellboy. riffing heavily from Agents of Shield.

I mix pregenerated adventures (adapted for the setting) from CoC and other stuff with original adventures. I like to homage pop culture. Next week they gonna have a Fury Road chase scene episode.

I could run this forever.
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