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Default Re: Alphabet Brainstorm 3, High school

- Magic exists
- Powerful magic users are typically a bit unstable.
- "Super" experiments go back at least to the 1930's
- Drugs can trigger latent abilities.
- Teenage hormones/puberty can interact unpredictably with powers.
- More than one super soldier program has produced results. Some of the projects are more "shadowy" than others
- having only 20% of each "batch" of super soldiers going renegade is considered a good result.
- Some super soldier projects use occult methods.
- Child supers are sometimes targeted for kidnapping.
- Two factions within the government exist, One want supers very tightly controlled the other extends supers the rights of ordinary citizens
- Aliens exist
- Abilities have a genetic similarity

Other Supers
- Thunderborn, hero, Supersonic flight among other powers.
- Witchlord, Villain, Warlock and traveler of worlds, Deceased
- The Unbelievables, U.S army Air Mobile supers unit, where the more "irregular" supers end up if they join the army.
- The Celestials, a Premiere super team
- Arc Angel, Celestial, Powerful electrical abilities as well as flight
- Doc Demonic, Celestial, Gadgeteer, Demonic style winged powered armour.
- Gabriel, Celestial, Supersoldier with telekinetic flight.
- Blackjack, Unbelievables, Colonel, Unknown powers.
- Refracture, Hero, Married to Thunderborn, Force Field generation and manipulation
- Zeus, Hero, Born in the 1930's

School, Rutherford High School
- Has a "boarding" school section
- Government involvement
- "Unusual" events are not uncommon
- Has some normal students
- Feud of sorts between Golf and Joan Grendel
- Rivalry between Golf and Halo/Hazard
- Rivalry between Vile and Thunderstrike
- Thunderstrike and Roosevelt are "popular" kids

- Special needs, Daedalus, Warspawn, Feign, Neon Punch (due to age)
- Halo/Hazard, Daedalus
- Atonement and Golf
- The Grendels
- Ion Storm, Electroplasm, Quellion
- One, X-Wise
- Killer, Polaris, Vile
- Polaris, Zeb, Killer
- Warspawn, Zero

Super Soldier Programs
- Unnamed German WW2 program, Occult element
- Unnamed Russian program(s), Occult element
- Unnamed UK Program
- "NATO Alphabet" US program, Primarily GE
- "Grendel" US program, Occult
- "Nephilim" US program, Primarily GE including Psi
- "Warspawn" US program, Unknown methods.
- Unnamed "Black van" program,
- Unnamed Private enterprise program
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