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Default Re: Fantasy hypothetical dream Munchkin sets thread

Munchkin Python
Races: None
Classes: Lumberjack, Policeman, Bishop, Upper Class Twit
Accent: American, German, Scots, Outrageous French
Birthrights: None
Factions: None?
Loyalty: None
Mojo: None?

I thought maybe something like Factions or Mojo to describe different styles of comedy, but all I came up with was Silly.

Munchkin Python 2: And Now for Something Completely Similar

Munchkin Python 3: ...and the Holy Quail

Munchkin Python 4: Wife of Brian

Munchkin Python 5: The Heaving of Knives

Okay, yeah, I got nothin' on titles for most of those expansions. I like #2, but the other three, charitably speaking, suck.
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